Dean- Student Activities

  • Prof. Rajesh Dhake
    Dean-Student Activities

The Council

Core Committee

Every machine has an engine, a backbone, the basis of its functioning, and that’s what the core committee is all about. These are the people who work meticulously to overlook every single aspect of the functioning of our student council and they are always ready to catch us when we fall. The Chairperson Strategy and Planning, the General Secretaries (GS), the University Representatives (UR), the Ladies Representative (LR), the Inter Collegiate Cultural and Sports Representative (ICCSR), the Student Council Advisors (SCA), the Finance Secretary as supported by the Student Council Secretary, Function Execution Secretaries, Deputy UR’s and Assistant LR’s are the members of the core council and they make sure everything works out perfectly.

Aesthetics Committee

This team is the one behind the beautification and pleasing ambience of the college during any event. All the pretty lights hanging from the trees, the beautiful lamps and lanterns, the posters and hangings everywhere are their creations! It is because of their efforts that the college campus becomes a wonderful place to be in during college fests.

Clubs Committee

VIT is proud to offer an array of clubs which benefit the students not only academically but also engage their interests in technical, cultural, and social fields. This committee caters to all the needs of every club existing in the college and is responsible for the growth and development of all of them..

Content and Social Media Committee

They consider playing with fire too main-stream and playing with words is what they strongly believe in! Every content needed anywhere is generated by these creative minds, right from the formal reports of any event to the publicity stunts that we do here for any event. Who do you think keeps the social media buzzing with the latest updates!

Database Committee

This team is our very own Google at VIT. They keep all necessary and required information of every entity in the college for helping various other events and committees to benefit from this huge data. It is not just about maintaining data but keeping it secure is what they successfully do..

Drafting Committee

This team is the one gateway for you to access any resource available in the college. They are the ones who draft permissions for all that you require. Consequently, there is nothing that happens but skips their eye because, you know, they helped you get the access to the resources smoothly that you needed for your event..

Extra-Curricular Committee

And you thought engineering colleges are all about machines and codes and nerds? This team works tirelessly to ensure that you pamper your extra-curricular skills and put them to display as and when they organize any related event. They can bet that we have some real talent here in the varied dancers, artists, musicians and everyone you can think of!

Finance Committee

It’s all about the money! Any event whether it’s at a small scale or a large one needs money, which is obtained either through the college, or via sponsorship, and all the hard work involved in managing this money is undertaken by the finance team. From quotations, to bills, to vouchers and spreadsheets, these people are money wizards who handle all of it.

FY Co-ordinators

Youngest team in the Student Council, they ensure that a fresher at VIT does not remain unaware of any opportunity or any news that they might need to know. Smooth facilitation of all information to and from the first year students is done by them. They also look after making our fresher’s feel loved and comfortable in the new atmosphere they have been put into and hence make the sudden transition from school to college pleasant! .

International Student Committee

VIT is known for the various student exchanges and courses offered for students all round the globe. It is this committee that makes the process of living and studying in an all together different country, far away from known land and people bearable and convenient. All needs of international students are looked after by them, thus carryiong forward our culture of “Atithi Devo Bhav!”.

Light Committee

It is the job of this committee to arrange, manage and look after the light arrangements required for any event. Their role gets crucial during events in the Auditorium, especially in the effects required to make a dance show or other performance on stage look more beautiful!

Magazine Committee

Never thought engineers could write anything but programs or draw anything but machine drawings? Well here’s a surprise! VIT is proud to have its own magazine team that works with the Pi-Editorial Board to provide a platform to all the talented but hidden writers and designers. Vulnerable to mind opening ideas and expressing thought in their rawest form, this team works for producing an annual magazine that is a collection of all this!.

Multimedia and Designing Committee

The relentless efforts of this team lead to the creation of some amazing posters and captivating videos. It is known that graphical visualization can create better impact than just textual ones. So here they are, in a constant thought of which event can be publicized better with a creation from their productions. And trust us, the product of their work is as good as any professional!.

Outreach and Communication Committee

No event is complete without it being properly reached to people in and outside the college. This team is responsible for the same and for other information like certain important notices to be reached to the VITians. Even when there any change of plans in the course of any event, it will be informed rightly.

Photography Committee

Fests these days are a lot about good pictures and happy faces. To cover all the events happening simultaneously during a fest, is a challenging task and they do it all without a complaint. The cherry on the cake is that they would even click personal pictures for you on special requests to go in your diary of college memories! What would we do if it was not for this team and its tireless efforts producing beautiful clicks and oh yeah, some candid ones too

Publicity Committee

For any event to be an absolute hit, what do you need? Good organizers, great sponsors and most importantly, enthusiastic participants, and this is where we come in! The responsibility for engaging as many people, and ensuring they are well aware of the various events which VIT has to offer, lies on our shoulders.

Prize Distribution Committee

After putting up a great show, who does not want to feel appreciated! This committee selflessly looks after the hard work put in by everyone and is responsible to see that efforts and successes don't go unnoticed! Giving away rightful prizes to the deserving is what they do!

Refreshment Committee

Organizing a fest is a lot of hard work! Judging a daylong event can be pretty taxing, whenever you take up an arduous task, hunger will surely follow! We are the ones which help you sort it out. You need refreshments for the judges of your event, or you maybe just water bottles, or maybe one of your speakers for the workshop needs a sandwich to feel re-energized, we are always just a call away.

Resource Committee

Pens, Pencils, Papers, Projector, all these seemingly small things contribute to a bigger picture, they contribute to the overall event experience, and are quintessential to the way VIT is perceived. We are here to ensure that every other committee has all the things they could need, to organize and successfully execute any event.

Scholarship Committee

We recognize that the students of our college belong to different economic backgrounds, and we need to bridge the gap between all students. Realizing the need, we have come up with several scholarship schemes, and we carry out the overall screening procedure, to filter out the students who need help and we ensure that they get it.

Security Committee

All of us enjoy the comfort of safety! From crowd management, ticket checking, to making sure that the guests, judges or celebrities who visit our college, aren’t bothered or disturbed by anyone in the crowd, it’s our job to make sure that the participants or the attendees of any event are comfortable and secure.

Socials Committee

The world could be a better place, if all of us decided to contribute, even in the simplest of ways. That’s what we aim to achieve, we want to make this world a better place and what better way than to start at home. From organizing blood donation camps to lectures on health awareness, from helping out the police with the traffic maintenance to carrying out street plays on several important issues, we are doing everything we can think of, and we are willing to put up as much effort as we can, because ultimately it’s for a good cause.

Sound Committee

Want to lose yourself in the music? Forget all your worries and dance it out with the energy-filled crowd in the auditorium? Or, you want to arrange a guest lecture, one that could inspire people and educate them, well you can’t do any of that without a ‘Sound set-up’. We make sure that the sound requirements for all the events are met!

Sponsorship Committee

The show must go on! And for that to happen, you need money. Our job as a team is to ensure that we can engage with the best of brands for all our events, and we obtain sponsorships either in cash or in the form of coupons or merchandise. We are the channel of communication between the college administration and the sponsoring companies.

Sports Committee

VIT brings out the best in its students and contributes to their overall development. A huge part of that is the various sports events which are organized throughout the year, from Vishwakarandak, to Melange, to the interdepartmental faculty matches during ‘Vishwotsav’ it’s our job to ensure that each one of these events is perfectly executed, from ensuring the venue to managing the schedules, to making sure all the rules are followed, we have a lot on our plates and we never fail to deliver.

Student Training and Development Committee

‘You’re never too old to learn something new!’ Apart from academics, which are a crucial part of college education, there are several skills which could be acquired, such as ‘How to write a technical paper’ or ‘How to present yourself in a job interview’. We as a committee recognize the need for such training programs, and we get in touch with experts in several fields, to ensure these needs are met.

Technical Committee

VIT at its core is an engineering college, and it stays true its image of being one of the premier technical institutes in the country. We provide opportunity for students all over the country to fight it out in our technical battle and for this battle to happen, a lot of groundwork is required, from ensuring every system in the computer lab has a JAVA license, to making sure sufficient number of IC’s are available for designing a circuit, to ensuring that the arena for robowars is of the adequate dimensions, we are a gigantic team, with department wise subsections and we work hard to make it all happen!

Vaatchal Committee

The newsletter team of VIT. Every month, we work meticulously to deliver an online newsletter, to ensure that all the VITians are well aware of what is happening in and around VIT. Not only do we feature news articles, we provide an opportunity for the budding writers of our college, to present their work and we also feature trivia bits, just to add to the fun!

Venue Committee

Could any event actually happen without the perfect venue? We ensure that every single guest lecture or dance performance or Independence Day celebration which happens in VIT is allotted the perfect venue depending on the crowd that event attracts and also that once the event is completed, the venue is in proper condition and no damage has been caused to the college resources.

Website and Broadcasting Committee

In this world of extensive dependence on technology, nothing truly matters, unless you can look it up on the internet, and we make it possible for you to find out everything you could need to know about VIT or about our annual fests. We equip you with information and also with online registration and payment method for all the events during our intercollegiate fest, Mélange.